IR Infrared 808nm 1W 1000mW Laser Diode
IR Infrared 808nm 1W 1000mW Laser Diode

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808nm 1W laser diode, 1000mW 808nm infrared laser diodes,  high quality, made in Japan. There are 3 pins each diode, however you can cut off 1 of the 3 pins for your applications. The length for the pins are 7mm.  We have all kinds of 808nm laser diodes in stocks.

Output power: 1.0W(CW 1000mW)
Output Wavelength: 808nm

Variety of stripe width
Efficient quantum well structure


Solid-state laser pumping
Medical usage
Beacons and Illumination
Free-space communication
Infrared light sources
Some customers are using the diodes for are thermal imaging, this 808nm 1W laser LD can be used for screen 4000ii ctp, it has 3 pins, we can cut off it to 2 pins for your needs. Please note it while you're placing the order.


ophthalmic imaging device.

Ophthalmic ultrasound imaging system. An assembly of mains electricity (AC-powered) devices designed for ophthalmic imaging procedures. It includes software that supports a variety of static and real-time eye and orbital imaging applications including physical measurement and oncology related treatment.

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