808nm 1000mW C-mount Laser Diode
808nm 1000mW C-mount Laser Diode

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808nm 1000mW C-mount infrared laser diode.

Wavelength: 808nm
Dimensions: C-Mount
Output Power:CW 1000mW (1W)
Can Type: C-Mount
Place of Origin:Taiwan
Operating Voltage: 1.7V-2.2V
Operating Current:  <1200mA
Life Time: > 10000 hours

This 808nm C-mount laser diode is also available for 500mW output power. And 500mW 808nm Ld specs are:

Output Power:CW 500mW (0.5W)
Operating Current:  <650mA

The price for 500mW 808nm laser diode is 39USD. Contact us if you only need 500mW.

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