InGaAs Photodiode in 3-pin ROSA
InGaAs Photodiode in 3-pin ROSA

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InGaAs Photodiode in 3-pin Low-cost (Plastic) ROSA Package

155 Mb/s Receiver in Low Cost (Plastic) ROSA Package

Differential ended output
Single +3.3V operation
Wide operation temperature (0C∼ +85C)
High reliability
Suitable for 155 Mb/s applications Receptacle or pigtail module


Telecom, Datacom and FTTX
Electrical/Optical Characteristics (Tc=25oC)
Parameter Symbol Test Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Power Supply Vcc 3.00 3.3 3.6 V
Supply Current Icc No loads 25 50 mA
Bandwidth BW 1000 1200 MHz
Low-Frequency Cut Off LF 44 kHz
Rise Time/Fall Time
Tr/tf 10% ~ 90%, P = -15
1.5 2 ns
Wavelength λ 1100 1310 1650 μm
Single Ended Output Impedance Ro 50 Ohms
Saturation Power Psat λ=1310nm -3 0 dBm
Sensitivity (BER=10-10) SEN λ=1310nm -39 -38 dBm
Maximum Differential Output
800 mV p-p
Absolute Maximum Ratings(Tc=25oC):
Parameter Symbol Ratings Unit
Case Temperature TC -0 ~ +85 oC
Storage Temperature Tstg -40 ~ +100 oC
Load Solder Temperature and Time 260 oC, 10sec

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