AOM are used in Laser printer,Laser Doppler measuring,Various light recording,Various light,Lasr processing.While AOTF are used in Rapid scan spectrum analyzer,Color decomposition.

It helps us to modulate the intensity of the beam laser, in order to analize the recovery of fluorescence. Initialy it excites the molecule with a low intensity (measuring the light emmited), but in some milisecond it applies a high intensity to bleach the area, and then it reduces the intensity again to measure the fluorescence in a detector (APD). We can do this with an AOM or AOTF, applying voltage to a driver that it gives a RF wave to the AOM and change the refraction index to modulate the intensity.

laser's spec:

488 nm – Externally Doubled Diode Lasers
•200 mW Excelsior-488, Collimated, incl. Power Supply (100 - 240 VAC), Laser Head Cable
•Wavelength 488 nm
•Output Power 200nW
•Spectral Linewidth <10 MHz (<0.01 pm)
•Spatial Mode  TEM00
•Longitudinal Mode Single
•Frequency Drift  <50 MHz/°C
•Beam Quality  M2 <1.1
•Beam Diameter (1/e2): Collimated  0.7 ±0.05 mm
•Beam Divergence: Collimated  <1.1 mrad
•Beam Ellipticity  1 ±0.1
•Beam Pointing Stability  <10 µrad/°C
•Noise <0.2% rms (20 Hz–20 MHz)
•Power Stability (over 8 hours)  <±1%
•Polarization Ratio  >100:1 (vertical
•Warm-up Time  <5 min
•Beam Height  19 mm
•Technology Externally Doubled Diode

Wavelength is important in many arenas of the optical sciences, fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy. Acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF), are employed to modulate the wavelength,  and amplitude of illuminating laser light. You can read more about AOTF here

Here are more information about AOTF for your reference.

The acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) is a device that functions as an electronically tunable excitation filter to simultaneously modulate the intensity and wavelength of multiple laser lines from one or more sources. olympusmicro

Acousto-Optics Components from Brimrose. Brimrose is a world technology leader in the area of Acousto-Optics components, serving the U.S government and world wide industry since 1979.

Acousto-optic imaging: Merging the best of two worlds

Videos about AOTF:

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