AMR Sensors for Position and Rotation Detection
AMR Sensors for Position and Rotation Detection

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AMR Sensors for Position and Rotation Detection. AMR sensor is Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive magnetic sensor.Due to its low noise, high accuracy, and more complex structure, AMR sensor has historically been used in higher end industrial and avionics applications.

These AMR sensors can detect a broad range of magnet movements. Position sensing and rotation detection represent two major applications. The great diversity offers customers a choice of AMR sensors ideal for the conditions of their environment of use (movement to be sensed, supply voltages, temperatures, and response frequency, etc.).

Many magnetic switches are used for cylinder position detection, smart meter, and the open/close detection for equipment such as single-lens reflex cameras, video cameras, and refrigerators. 

You can choose the best products from our broad lineup of AMR sensors with different package sizes and sensitivity ranges.


Consumer:Mobile phones, Notebook PCs, Digital cameras and more
White Goods: Refrigerators, Washing machines and other Home appliances
Security equipments for doors/windows

There are two series of Murata AMR Sensors, this one is for both Position and Rotation Detecting. And the other one is only for Rotation Detection

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