AMR Sensors

Murata AMR Magnetic Switch Sensors

Murata AMR Magnetic Switch Sensors are non-contact magnetic sensors of high sensitivity for use in a relatively low magnetic field. These sensors can detect a magnetic field in either a vertical or horizontal direction.

AMR sensor technology is used in Smartphones and Tablets. In an AMR sensor, the resistance of the sensor varies with the applied magnetic field. AMR sensors are more reliable and robust than Hall effect IC's or reed switches.

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AMR sensor applications:

Vehicle Detection Using AMR Sensors from Honeywell
AMR Sensors: Tackling Position Sensing in Medical Device Applications
Lock-in amplifiers for AMR sensors
AMR sensor with 3D sensing capabilities from Murata enables 360-degree magnetic field detection with uniform sensitivity in all directions
Murata AMR Magnetic Switch Sensors for open/close applications
Robust GMR sensors for angle detection and rotation speed sensing: Magnetic sensors for automotive applications based on the giant magnetoresistance (GMR) effect have been developed. 

Evaluation kit for AMR Sensors.
Differences between AMR vs. GMR vs. TMR magnetic sensors 

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Honeywell’s magnetoresistive sensors sense Earth’s magnetic field (~0.6 gauss) and provide the sensitivity for enhanced accuracy and performance.

Magnetic anomaly detector

A magnetic anomaly detector is an instrument used to detect minute variations in the Earth's magnetic field. It refers specifically to magnetometers used by military forces to detect submarines