355nm Passively Q-switch UV solid-state pulsed laser power

355nm Passively Q-switch UV solid-state pulsed laser power 20mW - 50mW. The output powers and most of the specifications can be customized according to the applications.

Passively Q-switch Pulse UV laser

Repeat rate adjustable
External control, you can add external signals such as TTL to control the lasers.

Easy use & maintenance free
Longlife operation
High efficiency
High reliability

Wavelength 355+/-1nm
Spatial Mode: near TEM00
Output Power(average) >1, 5, 10 ~ 100mW
Operation Mode Pulsed laser
Single pulse energy 1-10uJ
Pulse Width 5-20ns
Peak Power 100W~2KW
Repeat rate 1~10KHz
Polarization >50:1
Beam Spot Shape: Circular, aspect ratio<1.1:1
Pointing Stability <0.05 mrad
Beam Diameter(1/e2) 2mm
Beam Divergence <1.5 mrad
Beam Height from Base 45mm
Power Stability< 5% per 4 hrs
Temperature Stabilizing TEC
Warm Up Time <5 minutes
Optimum Operating Temperature 20~30oc
Storage Temperature 10~50oC
MTTF** 10,000 hrs
Dimensions 211(L)x88(W)x74(H) mm
Power Supply

A.OEM type
B.Lab type
C. Adjustable Lab type

LSR-PS-FA:178(W)x197(D)x84(H) mm3

More related information

  1. Passively laser

Passive mode-locking techniques are those that do not require a signal external to the laser (such as the driving signal of a modulator) to produce pulses. Rather, they use the light in the cavity to cause a change in some intracavity element, which will then itself produce a change in the intracavity light.

2. Q-switch Laser

Q-switching is a technique by which a laser can be made to produce a pulsed output beam with extremely high peak power much higher than would be produced by the same laser if it were operating in a continuous wave (CW) mode.

3. pulsed laser

A pulsed laser can be used to deposit a very large amount of energy into a small spot in a short time. This energy causes ionization, and if the desired ions are atomic ions, then laser desorption proves a useful method for creating mass spectra, and even spatially resolved mass spectral maps of a surface.


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