30mW Long Distance Laser Designator
30mW Long Distance Laser Designator

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30mW Long Distance Laser Designator    


30mW Long Distance Laser Designator    
(1) Red Dot & Laser Scope, Green Laser Designator
(2) Wavelength: 532nm    
(3)Output power: 30mW
(4)Laser Flashlight Range: >200 yards in the night 
(5)Battery: 1x CR123A 
(6)Expansion: 10X    
(7)MTTF: 5000 hours    
(8)Dimension: Φ25mm×180mm  
(9)Weight: 227g 
(10)Length: 11mm 


High-quality green laser module, optical glass lens, driver circuit and housing  
High Transmission  
Short System Length  
Small Spherical Aberration  
High reliability, high stability, long life, low price  
Fully o-ring sealed for dust   
Fully multicoated optical lens systems   
Rotary optical beam collmator - Allows quick adjustment of beam diameter and intensity   Amplified coherent light-Most efficient light for long distance illumination   
High quality aluminum alloy in durable black matte finish
Weather proof and shock proof
Picatinny rail mount with windage and elevation adjustment
Mountable on rifle scope with supplied ring adapter

Application Area:
Laser Alignment 
Aiming and Positioning 
Hunting and Spotting  
Search and Rescue  
Outdoors and Hiking  

Packing list:  
1x Green Laser Designator / Illuminator / Hunting Flashlight  
1x Remote Pressure Switch  
1x CR123 Battery  
1x Allen Wrench  

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