1064nm Fiber-coupled Acousto-optic Modulator

1064nm Fiber Coupled AOM Acousto-optic Modulator
Low insertion loss
Compact and stable performance
Custom configuration cost-effective
Optical switch
Laser wavelength shifting
Performance parameters:
Material: TeO2
Wavelength: 1064nm
Average optical power: 1W
Peak (pulse) optical power: 1kW
Ultrasonic sound speed: 4200kW
Insertion loss: 4.5dB
Extinction Ratio:45dB
Return loss: 40dB
Rising edge time: 12ns
Frequency shift:+/-200MHz
RF power:2.5W
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio:1.5:1
Input resistance:50
Device interface:SMA
Fiber type:PM/SM
Fiber length: 1.5m
Fiber Interface:FC/APC
Operating temperature: -20~+60
Storage temperature: 30~+70
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