1060/1064nm Infrared Diode DPSS Laser with 1000mW Power
1060/1064nm Infrared Diode DPSS Laser with 1000mW Power

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FIR infrared DPSS laser with wavelength 1060nm-1064nm,they're 1064nm laser, the output power is customized from 1mW - 2000W. Contact us for price details if you would like to place an order. The price is for 1000mW (1W) output power. Thes 1064nm lasers are commonly used for various scientific applications such as measurement, communications research, spectral analysis, and a broad spectrum of other applications. The driver is available as a complete FDA-compliant system or as an O.E.M. component with significantly reduced dimensions.

The 1064nm IR DPSS laser is more stable than regular 1064nm laser pointers.

Wavelength(nm): 1064+-5
Output power(mW): >500mW (500mW - 1000mW )
Spectral linewidth(nm): <0.5
Transverse mode: Near TE00
Operating mode: CW
Power stability (rms, over 4 hours): <1%, <3%
Warm-up time(minutes): <5
Beam divergence, full angle(mrad): <1.0
Dimensions of beam at the aperture(mm): ~3.5
Beam height from base plate(mm): 24. 8
Operating temperature(℃): 10~35
Power supply(90-264VAC): PSU-III-LED
Modulation option: TTL/Analog 1Hz-5KHz, 1Hz-10KHz, 1Hz-30KHz, and TTL on/off
Expected lifetime(hours): 10000
Warranty: 1 year

If you need higher output power, check this fiber coupled 1064nm 10W butterfly-shaped 2-pins laser. It also can be customized into 14 pins.

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