High Power Laser Dazzler

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The high power laser dazzler is most popular non-lethal  dazzler weapon in the world, it's widely used. See the video here.

Laser dazzlers have become the new threat deterrent alternative to lethal force. By employing laser light to temporarily blind the opposition, they are a unique and portable device that confuses and intimidates potential threats by sending a brilliant burst of laser light energy into the path of suspecting individuals.

The portable laser dazzlers are made and tested with a precise eye safe power density for mere TEMPORARY vision impairment device. they are Class 3B lasers with sufficient power 300mW to cause ocular injury at short ranges 20 meters, respectively, based on a 0.25-second unaided exposure. If you need farther effective distance, check the highest power laser dazzler.

Precision Machined From T7075, the airplane grade ALl;Full Night Vision up to 250 yards in Darkness;For long-distance up to 3000 meters Hail and Warning;Remote Control(Mouse Tail Switch) Can be Added.Full Well-Chosen and Tested Optical Lens Systems;Long-range visual deterrent laser device for Disorientation;Adjustable Beam Divergence, Diameter and power density;Suitable for SAR Application, Hunting, Fishing, Marine, etc; Versatility: also works perfectly for Industrial Alignment;IR Filtered 532nm Green; Built-in Detachable Beam Expander, drawing focus to Infinite; Hand held or weapon mountable for versatility and convenience

The laser dazzler is a big "laser pointer", the length is 19.3 inches, much longer than 1w blue laser pointer.

The laser dazzler is powered by 18650 battery, insert the "+" end outside.

The press the safety key on the tail.

Press the button to turn it on:

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