Ytterbium Laser

Ytterbium are used as a dopant in the Yb:YAG laser, a solid-state laser in which ytterbium is the element that undergoes stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation.

Ytterbium Fiber Laser 1050-1080nm 10W

Ytterbium lasers are highly efficient, have long lifetimes and can generate short pulses; ytterbium can also easily be incorporated into the material used to make the laser. Therefore some of the Ytterbium lasers are pulsed Ytterbium laser with high peak power. 

Usually, low concentrations of ytterbium are used. At high concentrations, the ytterbium-doped materials show photodarkening (glass fibers) or even a switch to broadband emission (crystals and ceramics) instead of efficient laser action. This effect may be related with not only overheating, but also with conditions of charge compensation at high concentrations of ytterbium ions

Ytterbium Laser YB laser applications:

Development of ytterbium-doped oxyfluoride glasses for laser cooling applications

Ytterbium fiber-based, 270 fs, 100 W chirped pulse amplification laser system with 1 MHz
repetition rate

Ytterbium doped double clad fibers from NKT Photonics A/S .
Single-mode ytterbium-doped fibers for 3kW lasers and beyond.
A compact ultranarrow high-power laser system for experiments with 578nm Ytterbium clock transition

Linearly polarized fiber laser using a point-by-point Bragg grating in a single-polarization photonic bandgap fiber, Optical Society