Ytterbium Doped Laser Glass
Ytterbium Doped Laser Glass

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Yb3 -doped glass materials are desirable for generation of ultra short pulses and as tunable laser sources because of their broad absorption and emission bandwidths.
Yb3 doped phosphate glass (YP1):
Long lifetime
Very low temperature coefficient of optical
path length of 0.42x10-6/oC
Fluorescence lifetime >2 ms
Yb3 doped borete glass(YB1):
Low thermal expansion coefficient
Negative temperature coefficient of refractive index
High Cross section for stimulated emission of 1.65 X 10-20 cm2
Yb3+ doped laser glasses: YP1;YB1
Yb2O3 (wt%): 16.1;13.7
Yb3+ conc. (1020  ions /cm3): 14.5;16.8
Cross section for stimulated emission (10-20 cm2): 1.3;1.65
Fluorescent life time (usec): 2200;850
Fluorescence half-line width (nm): 51;52
Center lasing wavelength (nm): 1053;1053
dn/dT (10-6/ oC) (20~100 oC): -5.3;-0.8
Coeff. of linear thermal expansion (10-6 / oC) (20 - 100 oC): 10.8;6.5
Thermal coeff. of optical path length (10-6 / oC) (20 - 100 oC): 0.42;3.5
Softening temp. (oC): 473;650
Coeff. of liner thermal expansion (10-6/ oC) (>100 oC): 12.8;7.6
Density (g/cm3): 3.0;4.0

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