White Laser Dazzler Torch 2000 Meters Long Distance

White Laser Dazzler Torch 2000 Meters Long Distance. It's a powerful bright laser dazzler flashlight Torch. Unique Color and Designs.

Made with blue laser diodes and fluorescent ceramics, the wide-spectrum white light excited retains the high collimation and penetration of the laser. Widely used in automotive high beam and special lighting.

Size: diameter 51 x 165.5mm
Material: aviation aluminum
Laser Wavelengths and output power: 4.75-5W 455nm
Product color temperature: 4500-6200K optional
Structural principle: monochromatic blue laser directly penetrates the fluorescent sheet
Diffusion angle: approximate parallel light, adjustable 5-20 degrees
Power supply mode: single 26650 rechargeable lithium battery
Switching method: Tail switch, press it for a long time, then press it to turn it off, double-click to flash
Effective range: more than one kilometer
The longest range: 1.8 kilometers
Waterproof level: life waterproof
Luminous flux: 700-800lm
Product net weight: 300g, Total weight: 570g

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