Violet Laser Pointer

Violet laser pointer is the laser pointer with wavelength of 405nm, and the color of the laser beam is violet. The violet laser is not as bright as green laser, itís cold like blue laser. Therefore sometimes it is called blue violet laser. The violet laser pointer is not a blue laser pointer, the blue laser has 473nm wavelength, while violet laser pointer has 405nm wavelength, and a blue laser costs thousands of dollars while violet laser costs just 100$ . You may find that BeamQ 10mw violet laser has a laser beam which is similar to blue laser beam. Itís much easier to make a 405nm wavelength laser pointer than to make 473nm one.

Violet laser pointer isnít used in astronomy and presentation, itís used in labs. Because the violet laser beam is not bright enough to point your targets. Violet laser pointer with a higher power, such as 50mw or 100mw, is brighter than 10mw violet laser pointer. 10mw violet laser pointer doesnít have a visible laser beam in darkness, the laser dot is violet and the blue laser dot becomes vague when going further. The violet laser pointer can be pen-sized or flashlight type, most of which are flashlight type.