Vehicle Long Range Laser Dazzler 6km
Vehicle Long Range Laser Dazzler 6km

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Details: Powerful vehicle lang range laser dazzler system has a working distance as far as 3km - 5km. It has three parts: infrared night vision system, laser system and controlling parts. It can work in daytime and night.The system installs natural wind cooling and TEC cooling, it can be working at -40~70 ° C . This high quality laser dazzler is stable in extremely cold and hot weather conditions.

Waterproof, anti-rain, anti-earthquake, anti-fall.

Wavelength:532 nm
Activated materials:Nd:YVO4
Working mode:CW/TTL
Output Power: >3W (3000mW)
Power in Extreme conditions:80%
Focus: Focus adjusted by Electric
Target Dot Shape: Round light spot 
Repeat frequency: 10HZ (It can be customized)
Divergence Angle: 3~20mrad continuous 
Diameter Aperture:~80mm 
Ripples of light parameters
Round light spot, the standards-based model.
Polarized : 100:1 horizontal polarization.
Warm-up time: <30s
Working Temperature: -40~70℃
Humidity range: 10% - 90%
Laser Head Cooling:Natural air-cooled/TEC cooling

Electrical interface: 24 pin waterproof aviation plug.
Power supply input: DC 12V 15A
Control interface: RS422

Weight: 15kg
Material: Air hard 7075 aluminum, surface hard anodized +59 brass
Scan rate: 10s/round.

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