UV Photometer
UV Photometer

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Weight: about 120g
Applicable device: UV UV dryer, exposure machines ultraviolet energy detection circuit lithography UV detection UV detection UV spectrum UV germicidal device UV illumination monitoring
The measurable material objects: UV ink, UV coating, UV glue, UV print run, PCB circuit analysis, optical, UV floor lacquer, UV ultraviolet detection ...
UV spectral measurement range :250-410nm (spectral wavelength)
A intensity Measuring range :0-5000mW / cm2
LCD energy :0-999, 999mj/cm2
Battery: battery 3.6V
Power consumption: about 10,000 hours
Operating Temperature: (degrees) 0-80 degrees (over this temperature may damage the instrument or accuracy)
Not collision or fall, whether side damage or light side sabotage standard data and uncertainty
Custom processing:Yes
Type: Handheld UV radiation meter
Model: UV photometer UV Meter UV photometer ultraviolet sensor ultraviolet detector UV detector ultraviolet detector UV detector ultraviolet detector ultraviolet detection UV
Resolution:% 1
Sampling time: 0. 1NS
Dimensions: round (mm)
Photoelectric: ultraviolet detection UV sensor
Power supply: 220V

Use / operation
a. ON switch LCD (display) 2-3.
b. UV energy meter probe is placed in the vicinity of the exposure of UV light source, probe alignment light source.
c. On the display screen until the UV energy measurement display, for example, 600 mJ / cm . (600mj/cm2)
d. Will display the value of the record or as quality control and experimental parameters, turn off the UV energy meter switch (OFF).
e. The need to re-test.

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