Ultrasonic Sensors
Ultrasonic Sensors

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Murata Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors emit ultrasonic waves in the air that reflect off of objects. The reflected sound is then received by the sensor. This technology is used for detection of objects in burglar alarms and automatic doors as well as for range measurement in automotive parking assistance systems. 

The sustained development of unique piezoelectric ceramic technology at Murata over the years has allowed the company to commercialize a diverse lineup of compact high- performance aerial ultrasonic sensors.

High-Frequency Ultrasonic Sensors

Sensing the multifeeding of paper sheets requires a precision of approximately 1 mm and narrow directivity. At frequencies above 70 kHz, conventional bending oscillators cannot deliver practical characteristics. This is where the thickness longitudinal oscillation of piezoelectric ceramics comes in. 
Here, there is a challenge of matching the acoustic impedance of the piezoelectric ceramics with that of the air. 
A large gap between the acoustic impedances of the ceramics and the air would cause a great loss in the oscillating radiation from the former. 
To prevent this, a special material, called an acoustic matching layer, is attached to the piezoelectric ceramics for impedance matching with the air. This design allows for the production of ultrasonic sensors for up to a few 100 kHz.

MA300D1-1 Dual Use 300 1.5 (min.) 11 (min.)

Open-Structure Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors feature a composite oscillating body combining the oscillator — which joins a metal plate and piezoelectric ceramics — with a resonator. This body is elastically fixed to the base and housed in a case. 
The resonator is shaped like a funnel to efficiently radiate the ultrasonic waves generated by the oscillating body into the air and to effectively concentrate ultrasonic waves from the air on the center of the oscillator. 
“Sound pressure” is the most important parameter of open-structure ultrasonic sensors. 
In distance measurement applications, the higher the sound pressure of the ultrasonic sensor, the longer the sensor’s range.
SMD(Surface Mount device)-type ultrasonic sensor measure intermediate range, since it control sound pressure loss because of miniaturization.Miniaturized SMD-type ultrasonic sensor has succeeded in minimal mounting space, and it enable improved flexibility for designing.

Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensors

During outdoor use, aerial ultrasonic sensors must be protected against dust and water droplets, such as rain. Waterproof ultrasonic sensors feature a hermetically sealed structure in which the piezoelectric ceramics are attached to the metal case and the case opening is filled with resin.

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