Superluminescent Diode

Superluminescent Diode SLD

Broadband Emission Centered at 1050, 1280, 1310, or 1550 nm
Near-Gaussian Spectrum
Low Ripple
Butterfly or DIL Package

BeamQ Offering the high brightness of LDs, SLDs work as a high-brightness light source Which compensates for the weakness of LDs such as coherent noise. SLDs are used for optical applied measurements and medical imaging.

405 nm: Sony SLD3237VFR 200mW
830 nm: hamamatsu L12856-04 10mW, L8414-41 3mW
875 nm: hamamatsu L11607-04 30mW

SLD sellers:

InPhenix's Superluminescent Diodes deliver stable, broad wavelengths from 750nm to 1620nm with short coherence lengths ideal for applications in optical coherence tomography, biomedical imaging systems, fiber optic sensors, and optical test instruments.