Stainless Steel Green Laser Dazzler
Stainless Steel Green Laser Dazzler

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Unique design stainless steel green laser dazzler. The output power is as high as 1000mW.  If you want the brightest laser, it's your best choice! 

Water-proof feature.
Smallest size in the lasers with same output power.
The laser diode is made in Japan, and it costs almost $800!
There is no warm up time!

Size: 24*24 square, 137mm
Shell material: H62 Cu
Surface treatment: chemical oxidation treatment
Output wavelength: 510-530nm (not traditional 532nm green laser)
Center wavelength 520nm
Output power: 1W 1000mW
Safety classification: Class IV
Circuit: 5V step-up with reverse connection protection
Circuit efficiency: boost efficiency by more than 93%
Spot: spot
Beam pattern: a continuous line
Spot size: < 13mm ( at 10 meters )
Focus mode: adjustable focus
Operating current: 3.7V @2.3A
Working voltage: DC=3.7V
Start voltage: DC=2.5V
Warm-up time: none
Operating temperature:-10 ℃ ~ + 60℃
Storage temperature:-10 ℃  ~+40 ℃ 
Packing: white square wooden box
Power supply: a ICR18650 Lithium Rechargeable battery

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