Single Frequency Tunable Fiber Lasers
Single Frequency Tunable Fiber Lasers

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Specially designed for DTSS,outstanding optical performance,friendly user's graphic interface to set pulse repetition rate,pluse width and peak power.

Linewidth :  1~400kHz
Power :  2~1000mW
Power Stability :  ≤1
Wavelength Stability  : ±1pm
Central Wavelength Tuning Range :  0~3nm
Phase Noise  : <10@1Hz~100kHz
Relative Intensity Noise  : <-120dBc/Hz
Power Consumption  :  <2W
Fast Frequency Modulation :  ≤1GHz(Amplitude)Hz
10Hz~100kHz(repetition rate)
Operation Temperature  : 0~50℃
Power Supply  : 110~240VAC(50~60)Hz

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