Single Frequency Laser

Single frequency laser is also named single-wavelength laser.They are emitting radiation in a single resonator mode. A single-frequency laser is a laser which operates on a single resonator mode, so that it emits quasi-monochromatic radiation with a very small linewidth and low phase noise. Because any mode distribution noise is eliminated, single-frequency lasers also have the potential to have very low intensity noise. In nearly all cases, the excited mode is a Gaussian mode, so that the output is diffraction limited.

Most of the single frequency lasers are used in holography experiments, because of the good coherence, long coherence length( as far as 50 m), narrow line width 0.00001nm. However BeamQ single frequency lasers cost only 1/3 .

Single frequency laser has narrow spectrum linewidth and long laser coherence length.It is used in instrumentation applications in Raman spectrum scopy, holography, biomedical, fluorescence, reprographics, interferometry, semiconductor inspection and remote detection.

Single frequency blue laser at 457 nm and 473 nm,
Single frequency green laser at 532 nm,
Single frequency yellow laser at 556 nm and 561 nm,
Single frequency red laser at 671 nm
Single frequency infrared at 1064 nm and 1342nm

Most of them are in stock, 1053 nm/1342 nm single longitudinal mode is available upon your requests.

Longitudinal mode testing

Coherent fringes of 532 nm laser 

Coherent fringes of 1064 nm laser