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The 6 Senors That Make the iPhone So Cool: Proximity sensor,Motion sensor/accelerometer ,Ambient Light sensor,Moisture sensor,Gyroscope,Compass .

Sensors AMR Sensors (Magnetic Switches) AMR Sensors (Magnetic Switches) Exploiting the magnetoresistive effect, AMR sensors have an IC to detect changes in the magnetic resistance of a magnetoresistive element affected by an external magnetic field. 

Barometric Pressure Sensor Barometric Pressure Sensor Barometric pressure sensor detects the atmospheric pressure. This sensor is used for indoor navigation, elevator/floor change detection and weather monitoring. Our sensor element is designed by capacitive sensing technology, which performs low current consumption, low noise and good stability for temperature change. 

Shock Sensors Shock Sensors Based on long unique piezoelectric ceramic technology in-house, Murata shock sensors are developed unique and high performance acceleration sensors used for detecting vibration and impact (mechanical shock). 

Infrared Sensors Infrared Sensors Pyroelectric infrared sensors detect infrared rays using the pyroelectric effect of pyroelectric ceramics, a kind of piezoelectric ceramics. 

Magnetic Pattern Recognition Sensors Magnetic Pattern Recognition Sensors Magnetic pattern recognition sensors are extensively used for recognition of bank note types, patterns printed with magnetic ink, and magnetic cards. 

Rotary Position Sensors Rotary Position Sensors A category of position sensors, rotary position sensors can measure rotational angles from output voltages. The principle: The rotation to be measured is linked to the motion of a slider to cause changes in resistance, which the sensor circuit converts into changes in output voltage. Unlike trimmer potentiometers, rotary position sensors are extremely durable due to their high rotational life characteristics. 

Ultrasonic Sensors Ultrasonic Sensors Ultrasonic sensors emit ultrasonic waves in the air that reflect off of objects. The reflected sound is then received by the sensor. This technology is used for detection of objects in burglar alarms and automatic doors as well as for range measurement in automotive parking assistance systems.  

Accelerometers Accelerometers Murata is the global market leader in low-g acceleration sensors for automotive applications. The extensive accelerometer product range includes high performance digital and analog accelerometers for both safety critical automotive and industrial applications. Murata accelerometers are based on the company's proprietary 3D MEMS technology and they offer a number of excellent product features and benefits for the most demanding applications. The sensing element and the measuring ASIC are assembled in a dual-in-line or dual-in-flat-line plastic package with pins for surface mount and re-flow soldering. They are environmentally protected with silicone gel resulting in excellent performance and reliability in a humid environment and at temperature cycling. In addition, the robust sensing element design with over damped frequency response enables excellent performance even in harsh and vibrating environments. The measuring direction is parallel or perpendicular to the mounting plane. The ASIC includes an on-chip EEPROM memory with the calibration coefficients for unit interchangeability. Murata accelerometers include enhanced failure detection: digitally activated self-test, calibration memory parity or check sum check and continuous connection failure detection. The products are intended for horizontal or vertical measurements.The zero point temperature dependence is less than 1mg/°C. 

Gyro Sensors Gyro Sensors Murata Electronics Oy develops and manufactures gyroscope components and combined sensors (including gyroscope and accelerometer) based on the company's proven 3D MEMS technology and highly integrated electronics.

Industrial gyroscopes offer a performance level that typically has been available only for expensive module products. Sensing elements and the measuring circuitry are assembled into a pre-molded plastic dual-in-line (DIL) package, protected with silicon gel and covered with a stainless steel lid. All products are RoHS compatible and suitable for lead free reflow soldering.

Inclinometers Inclinometers Murata inclination sensors are an optimum choice for high accuracy leveling and inclination measurement instruments. The highest accuracy is available with SCA103T series that use differential measurement principle to compensate all common mode error and noise effects.

The best shock durability of the MEMS market provides trouble-free measurements in moving machines, vehicles, airplanes, construction machines and hand held devices. 

Temperature Sensors Temperature Sensors Capable of sensing heat, temperature sensors are widely used to protect equipment and circuits.
NTC thermistors are elements whose resistance falls with an increase temperature, while PTC thermistors display an increase in resistance as temperature rises. Their characteristic temperature-resistance curves allow them to be used as temperature sensors.
NTC thermistors find a wide range of uses since they feature high precision and good thermal response. PTC thermistors are employed in many applications that detect certain temperature levels using extremely simple circuits.
Murata thermistors come in chip and lead types. 

Digital Panel Meter / Measurement Devices Digital Panel Meter / Measurement Devices 

Proximity Ambient Light Sensor Proximity Ambient Light Sensor Proximity and Ambient light Sensor (ALS) stick a light emitting device and a build-in digital conversion function of IC which unified the photodetector for both proximity and ambient light in one package. So this sensor has both function of the proximity and ambient light detection. The light from emitting device returns from the measuring object. Proximity sensing is to detect far and near distance from sensor to measuring object by the light amount which returns from measuring object. Ambient light sensing is to detect the environmental lighting by the light amount which is detected with the photodetector for ambient light. 

Murata has announced the development of the world’s most precise surface-mount type rotary position sensors, the compact and low-profile SVK3 series.  Delivering an excellent linearity of ±1%, the sensors achieve twice the precision of the preceding products and importantly are able to withstand a temperature range as required by the all-important automotive market.

Precise SM rotary sensors from Murata, Murata says it has developed the world’s most precise rotary position sensors providing +/- 1% linearity and will start mass producing them in April.

AC- and DC-Input Power Converters have 38 W/in.³ power density.Designed to fit 1U enclosures, D1U86P Series achieves 94% efficiency at 50% load, offers 12 msec hold up time, occupies 86 x 197.7 mm footprint, and generates main output of 12 Vdc. Standby output of 12 Vdc is offered for power management circuitry, and main DC output delivers up to 133.3 A with droop current sharing when paralleling multiple power supplies. 

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