Rotary Position Sensors
Rotary Position Sensors

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Rotary Position Sensors

A category of position sensors, rotary position sensors can measure rotational angles from output voltages. The principle: The rotation to be measured is linked to the motion of a slider to cause changes in resistance, which the sensor circuit converts into changes in output voltage. Unlike trimmer potentiometers, rotary position sensors are extremely durable due to their high rotational life characteristics.

These small 12mm-size position sensors are available in SMD and lead types, and have endurance up to 1 million cycles.

SV01A103AEA01 10±30 ±2 333.3 1 
SV01L103AEA01 10±30 ±2 333.3 1

This series of small 12mm-size position sensors includes SMD and lead types. They can operate at temperatures from -40 to +125°C, and have endurance of up to 300,000 cycles.

SV03A103AEA01 10±30% ±2 333.3 0.3
SV03L103AEA01 10±30% ±2 333.3 0.3

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