Red Laser Pointer

The first laser pointer is red laser pointer, which has a wavelength of about 650nm and a red laser dot or a red laser beam. The red laser pointer is the easiest to produce, but it was expensive when it was first made out. The red laser pointer is new and people all like it. The red laser pointer is used in presentations, labs and engineering. At that time , the red laser pointer is so popular that BeamQ Lasers exports lots of them to the USA. At the beginning, the price is high, but when more manufacturers join in to produce the red laser pointer, its price cuts down. More and more electronics manufacturers mastered the red laser pointer technologies, and they all liked to produce such a profitable laser products. And now the low power red laser pointer costs about 10$, as cheap as you can imagine.

BeamQ red laser pointer is mainly high power red laser pointer, such as 100mW red laser pointer, 200mW red laser pointer and even higher. The high power laser pointer, we sometimes all it burning laser pointer, as it can light match and burning paper or plastics. Nowadays, lower power red laser pointer is still used in presentation and pointing targets in door. They are made with USB, Powerpointer paging and other features.

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