Red Laser 637nm (1.5W-2W) 2013
Red Laser 637nm (1.5W-2W) 2013

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Holograph, Fluorescence Sensors, Raman Spectrum, Spectrum Analysis, Spectrum Calibration, Communication, Chip Inspection, Laser Displaying, Laser TV, Laser Interference, PIV, Laser Measurement, Laser Detection, Laser Medicinal, etc.


Features Overview
Compact Structure
Small Laser Profile and Beam Divergence
Protection of Over Current, Static Electricity, and Overheating
Good Linear Analogue
High Output Power with Stability
Proved by Global Customers, 10,000 hours lifetime
Wavelength(nm): 637
Output Power(mW): 1500, 1800, 2000, 2100, 2400
Operating Mode: Analogue
Power Stability (rms, over 8 hours): <3%
Beam Divergence, Full Angle (mrad): <2
Beam Waist Diameter(mm): <4*3
Expected Lifetime (hr.): 10,000
Warranty Time (month): 12

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