Q Switch Q Head Laser Marking Machine Accessory
Q Switch Q Head Laser Marking Machine Accessory

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Ordinary 1064nm laser wavelength standard acousto-optic Q switch.
QS27 is industrial standard acousto-optic Q switch, can be widely used in lamp pumped and diode pumped 1064nm of Nd: YAG laser and diode side pump laser marking machine.

Working medium: Melting silicon Fused Silica
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
Maximum driving power: 100W
VSWR: < = 1.2: 1
Increasing reverse coating: Multilayer dielectric hard membrane
Through rate: > 99.8 per cent (typical 99.9%)
Insertion loss: < = 10% (typical < 5%)
Overheating protection point: + 50℃ 
Water-cooled requirements
The water velocity: > 190cc/min
Working temperature:32 ℃-40℃ 
Driving frequency 24MHz, 27MHz, 41MHz: 80MHz, 68MHz
The optical aperture: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.5 or 8mm (usually use YAG)
Ultrasonic mode: C - Compressional compression type; S - Shear cut should type
Water joint form: S-type water joint, type B water joint, R type water connector

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