Pumped Laser Marking Machine
Pumped Laser Marking Machine

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The pumped laser marking machine designed with the most advanced diode pumped laser technique with high conversion efficiency of the electricity-light, high peak power, compact size and low power consumption which represents the developing direction of laser equipment in the future. All the key components of this machine are made by famous laser manufacturer from all of the world, to make sure extremely high marking precision, speed and stability for long time continuous operation. 

The applied range is wider than that of traditional flash lamp pumping YAG marking machine. It is used easily in various of manufacture line to carry out online marking. The marking software can be run on WINDOWS platform, Chinese interface; can be compatible with the PLT, JPG, DXF, BMP file formats of software AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP and etc, besides it also can use SHX, TTF word stock. 

This series marking machine can engrave fine letter pattern on metal and various of non-metallic materials, widely applied to mark bar code, two-dimensional code, figure, word, code, series number, batch number and date, and relative manufactures such as hardware tools, knife, locks, tablewares, electric appliance, spectacles, lighter, sanitary appliance, fastener, golden and silver jewelry, chinaware, rubber, electronic products, communication products and auto parts,etc.

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