Pulsed Fiber Lasers
Pulsed Fiber Lasers

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Specially designed for DTSS,outstanding optical performance,friendly user's graphic 
interface to set pulse repetition rate,pluse width and peak power,ect.

Central Wavelength(nm):  Min:800;Type:1550;Max:1650
-3dB Bandwidth(nm):  Max:1
Peak Power(W): Type:10
Pluse Width(ns): Max:1000
Repetition Rate(kHz): 100
Side-Mode Suppression Ration(dB): Min:30
Power Supply(V): Type:+5
Power Consumption(℃): Max:15
Operation Temperature(℃): Max:50
Storage Temperature(℃): Min:-40  Max: 80
Pigtailed Fiber: Single-mode/multi-mode or polaration-maintaing fibers

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