Power Supply He Ne laser
Power Supply He Ne laser

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 1) Main Features
Specificity: It is designed exclusively for engraving machines and can be applicable to 40W and 30W laser tube.
Powerful Features and High Integrity: It makes the laser power supply, auxiliary power of driving control board and drive motor integrate in one board, so as to reduce external lead and strengthen the anti-interference ability.
Advanced Technology: The power adopts Soft Switch Technology, so dramatically increase the efficiency of the power supply, boost reliability of the power supply and also lengthen the life of laser.
High Security: The input and output of power supply are separated completely to avoid electric shock.
Easy Control: The start and stop of laser can be easily controlled by TTL level. And there are protection switch to test the external water, ventilation, etc.
Easy Control of Laser Power: The laser power conversion can be controlled by a potentiometer.
The power supply has open circuit protection: Under the condition of good protective earthing, the power supply can work in open-circuit for a short time, which could avoid the damage of laser power supply because of the bursting of laser tube, thereby enhancing the life of power supply.
Application: Engraving, seal-cutting, etc.

2. Specification:

Input Voltage: AC220V or AC110V(to be specified when placing order)
AC frequency: 47-440HZ
Cold Surge Current: ≤60A(AC220V Input);≤30A(AC110 Input)
Current Leakage: ≤0.7mA(AC220V Input);≤0.4mA(AC110V Input)
Efficiency: ≥90%(full load)
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF): ≥10000H
Response Speed: ≤1ms(from the switch Signal is given to the output current up to 90% of the setting current)
Control Interface: TTL level switch control (details refer to the control terminal specification)
Withstand Voltage: Input-Output, Input-Shell: AC1500V 10mA 60S
Protection: can work in open-circuit condition for a short time(Require a good protective earthing and avoid arc between the positive and the machine shell)
Environment: Operating Temperature:-10~40),Relative Humidity (RH)≤90%
Cooling Way: Natural air cooling
Dimension: L×W×H=210*180*60(mm)

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