Picosecond Laser

Laser linewidth is the spectral linewidth of a laser beam.

Two of the most distinctive characteristics of laser emission are spatial coherence and spectral coherence. While spatial coherence is related to the beam divergence of the laser, spectral coherence is evaluated by measuring the laser linewidth of the radiation. Although the concept of laser linewidth can have varied theoretical descriptions here, this article provides a simple experimental description. One of the first methods used to measure the coherence of a laser was interferometry. An alternative approach is the use of spectrometry.

Pulse width (FWHM):

Full width at half maximum (FWHM) is an expression of the extent of a function given by the difference between the two extreme values of the independent variable at which the dependent variable is equal to half of its maximum value. In other words, it is the width of a spectrum curve measured between those points on the y-axis which are half the maximum amplitude.

Half width at half maximum (HWHM) is half of the FWHM.

FWHM is applied to such phenomena as the duration of pulse waveforms and the spectral width of sources used for optical communications and the resolution of spectrometers.

The term full duration at half maximum (FDHM) is preferred when the independent variable is time.

Suppliers for Picosecond laser of 1000nm - 1064 nm:

PicoFYb 1030: Picosecond Yb seeder from TOPTICA Photonics AG,SAM mode-locked all PM fiber setup.Center Wavelength 1030.5 0.5 nm.

1064nm Picosecond Pulsed Fiber Laser with Narrow pulsewidth and Narrow spectral linewidth.

Picosecond product families from Coherent Inc. providing wavelengths up to 1064 nm, repetition rates up to 80 MHz, and pulse energy up to 200 J.

Picosecond laser from ALPHALAS:

10 W @ 1064 nm
<10 ps, 100 MHz
5 W @ 532 nm
<10 ps, 100 MHz

- reliable operation
- inherently low noise < 0.5%
- diode-pumped all solid-state
- efficient third and fourth harmonic generation
- superior to CW frequency doubled green lasers
- powerful ultrashort laser pulses: > 10 kW peak power
- uses a frequency-doubling crystal as the modelocker
in the NONLINEAR MIRROR (Stankov mirror) configuration