Photodetector 2.5mm Silicon PIN Diode
Photodetector 2.5mm Silicon PIN Diode

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Photodetector 2.5mm Silicon PIN Diode with high response and low dark current. The prices are not for wholesalers, if you want to place the bulk order > 100 pcs. Please contact us for wholesale prices.


 High responseivity
 High speed
 Low dark current
 Low capacitance
 Flat window


 Optical communications
 Laser ranging
 Industrial automatic control
 Optical power meter
 Science analysis and experiment

Absolute maximum ratings:

Operating temperature: -40~+100 ℃
Storage temperature: -45~+125 ℃
Forward current: 10 mA
Reverse current: 1000 uA

Electrical and optical characteristics:(T=25℃, Vr=10V)
parameter symbol unit Value(typ.)
Active area Φ mm 2.52.5
Spectral range λ nm 400-1100
Responsivity Re (λ=1064nm ) mA/mW 0.25
Re (λ=905nm ) mA/mW 0.5
Re(λ=650nm) mA/mW 0.25
Response time Tr (RL=50Ω,905nm) ns 30
Dark current ID nA 2
Reverse Breakdown voltage VBR (IR=100uA) V 170
Junction capacitance Cj (f=1MHz) pF 25
Operating voltage VR v 0-15
package TO-5

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