OEM-01 Bird Phazer System
OEM-01 Bird Phazer System

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Directed energy laser systems hold the promise of revolutionizing warfare. The company have developed a series of directed energy non lethal laser systems intended to temporarily blind or disorient its target. 

The dazzler system is the integration of the high power laser, beam collimators, radar, advanced cooling methods, communications, command and control system and will be installed in joint tactical vehicles.

Maritime Port Security
Exclusion zone enforcement
Nuclear plant perimeter security
Aviation Airport perimeter security
Oil and Gas Critical infrastructure protection
Anywhere nonlethal deterence is desirable!
Industrial Petrochemical plant perimeter security

Wavelength: 532 nm

Activation: Nd:YVO4

Mode: CW/TTL

Output: 1000mW~5000mW

Output in Extreme Conditions:>80%

Focusable:Electronically Focus adjustable

Beam quality:Rounded(Near Tem00)


Frequency:3~20mrad; continuously adjustable


Beam Diameter:Rounded(Near Tem00)

Polarization ratio:100:1; horizontally polarized

Warm-up time:<30s

Working temperature:-40~70℃

Air cooling:10% - 90%

Active cooling:Air cooling//TEC cooling

Plug Insert:PLUG 24WAY SCREW

AC in:DC 12V 5A

Control Interface:RS422, RS232, USB, etc



Material:T7075 Air-grade Aluminum

Scanning speed:10s per cycle


Infrared Camera:Optional

Beam height:80mm

Packing case:military grade explosion-proof  box

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