Nichia 1W 520nm Laser Diodes NDG7475

New Nichia High Power 1W (1000mW) Green Laser Diode TO-5 9mm Package. It has off center pins.The beam specs are similar to Nichia 445nm diodes. It can be customized according to your needs.This diodes can be used in material science,semiconductor and photovoltaic research, solar cell manufacturing and other industry. You can see the technical specs here:NDG7475 spec .

Most of the nichia ndg7475 laser pointers are 1W 520nm green laser like this one :

In fact this "nichia ndg7475 laser pointers" are not made with NDG7475. It is made with 1pcs of 520nm 8 x 0.9W NUGM02 Green Laser Diode 7W Bank.

Lower output power 520nm green laser pointer with 100mW power.

Module Number: NDG7475
Wavelength: 510nm, 515nm , 520nm
Max. Reverse Voltage: 2V

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