NEC/Tokin Piezoelectric Actuators AE0203D04F
NEC/Tokin Piezoelectric Actuators AE0203D04F


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Details: NEC/Tokin Piezoelectric Actuators AE0203D04F

The AE0203D04F piezoelectric stack sold by Thorlabs is manufactured by NEC Corporation of
Japan. These stacks consist of many piezoelectric ceramic layers that are assembled in series
mechanically and in parallel electrically. To operate connect the red lead of the device to the
positive (+) terminal of the voltage source, do not reverse bias.

Displacement at Maximum Drive Voltage: 4.6um +/- 1.5
Maximum Drive Voltage (short term): 150volts (apply positive voltage to red lead,
reverse bias will destroy this device)
Displacement at Recommended Drive Voltage: 3.0um +/- 1.5
Recommended Drive Voltage: 100 volts
Operating Temperature Range: -25 to + 85 C
Capacitance: 0.09μF +/- 20%
Clamping Force: 200 N
Tensile Strength: 20 N
Resonant Frequency: 261 KHz (no mechanical load)
Young’s Modulus: 4.4 x 1010 N/m2
Recommended Preload: <100 N
AC or Pulsed operation causes the device the generate heat (see Figure 1)

Under the most severe operating conditions (150VDC, 40 C, 90% Relative Humidity) the mean
time failure is 500 hours. When the piezoelectric is operated at the recommended operating
conditions (100 VDC, 25 C, 60% RH) the mean time failure is increased to 24,500 hours.
The following formula predicts the mean time to failure in hours for specific operating parameters
that are below the maximum allowed.
Mean Time To Failure = 500 x (150/V)3.2 x (90/RH)4.9 x 1.5(40-T)/10
V: drive voltage (VDC) HR: relative humidity (for 60% HR=60)
T: Ambient Temperature
Connect red wires to (+) drive voltage, do note reverse bias.
Do not exceed 150 volts, it will decrease the life expectancy of the device and in extreme cases
mechanical failure will result.
Use room temperature epoxy adhesive for mechanical assembly of device.
Do not store devices about 100 C.
Do not immerse in liquid.
Do not use the device around combustible gases or liquids.
Store devices in a dry place (less than 40% RH).
Do not clean with organic solvents.
IV. ROHS Compliance Statement:
The AE0203D04F Piezoelectric stack is considered “exempt” from ROHS compliance as of
7/1/06. While all connections to the stack are made with lead-free materials, the stack itself 

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