Narrow Linewidth 1550nm 1560nm Picosecond Pulsed Fiber Laser
Narrow Linewidth 1550nm 1560nm Picosecond Pulsed Fiber Laser

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Narrow Linewidth 1550nm 1560nm Picosecond Pulsed Fiber Laser

1550nm narrow linewidth tunable picosecond Pulsed Fiber Laser is an all-fiber polarization maintaining mode-locked fiber laser, based on semiconductor saturation absorption mirror. The pulsed laser provides an effective management interface for user to control the key operating parameters. It presents RS-232 interface flexibly, ensuring the connectivity with customers control system. It is controlled by automatic power control mode (APC mode) with narrow pulsewidth, narrow spectral linewidth and stable output power. The center wavelength can be fastly tuned by temperature. Refer to the typical test results (Spectrum and Auto correlation curve) as following . Please contact us for the price before placing the order.


Narrow spectral linewidth: Laser linewidth is the spectral linewidth of a laser beam.
Up to 20mW output power
Fast center wavelength tuning
Reliable self-start
20MHz frequency
Extinction ratio 20dB
Automatic power control (APC)

Applications: Research and Measurement

Mode of operation : Mode locked
Center wavelength 1550nm - 1560nm (tunable)
Tuning range: Min 0.4nm Typ 0.5nm Max 0.6nm
Spectral linewidth : Min  0.15nm Typ 0.2nm  Max 0.3nm (@-3dB)
Pulse width (FWHM): Min 50ps Typ 60ps Max 80ps
Pulse repetition frequency: Min 20MHz Typ 30MHz Max 40MHz
Output average power: 10mW-20mW
Pulse energy: 0.25nJ-0.7nJ
Peak power: 10 W
Control mode: APC
Extinction ratio:17dB-20dB
Power stability: Typ 3% Max 5% (4 hours)
Output fiber and connector:SM15-PS-U25D,FC/APC
Output fiber length: 80cm (Customized)

Mechanical Outline: 200*125*25mm Module
Weight (kg) 0.7
Cooling : - Air
Operating temperature range (C) : 0 to 50
Storage temperature range (C) : -20 to 65
Humidity (%): 10 to 90
Voltage (V) : Min 4.75 Typ.5 Max (@5.25 5V+-5%)
Consumption (W) : Type. 5.5 Max 30

A narrow-linewidth laser with excellent temporal coherence is an important light source for microphysics, space detection, and high-precision measurement. An ultranarrow-linewidth output with a linewidth as narrow as subhertz has been generated with a theoretical coherence length over millions of kilometers.

Continuous lasers.

The laser linewidth in a typical single-transverse-mode He Ne laser (at a wavelength of 632.8 nm), in the absence of intracavity line narrowing optics, can be on the order of 1 GHz.

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