mW Milliwatt laser

mW laser pointer

mW means the power of a laser pointer, usually the laser pointer is marked as x mW lase pointer,such as 200mw laser,50mw laser,5mw laser,100 mw laser,500mw laser.1000 mw laser. And mw laser pointer is typed according to the color mw green laser,mw red laser or mw blue laser.

A few higher-powered 120 mW 405 nm violet laser pointers have become available which are not based on GaN. The most populaser mw laser pointer is  5 mW 532nm Green Beam Laser Pointer Pen . If a mw laser pointer is 1000 mw laser pointer, it's powerful than 500mw laser pointer.

Milliwatt (mW) is also the power of a laser pointer, 100 milliwatt laser,5 milliwatt laser. There is no 1 1 milliwatt laser or 5 milliwatt laser at BeamQ, as BeamQ Laser sells high power laser pointer. And you can find 100 milliwatt laser,200 milliwatt laser,500 milliwatt laser,100-milliwatt pointer at BeamQ Lasers.  There is watts laser like BeamQ 1 watts blue and green laser pointer, but there is no kilowatt laser. Maybe in the future you will see kilowatt laser,megawatts laser,even gigawatt laser.