Most Powerful Rifle Laser Military Grade Lasers
Most Powerful Rifle Laser Military Grade Lasers

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The rifle laser is mounted on the rifles to help you accurate shoot. The output power is about 200mW , it's bright laser beam. Powerful rifle lasers have brighter light beams. This rifle laser have the max output power, therefore it's the most powerful rifle laser in the market. You will get a rechargeable battery and free charger, because of the high power, the battery may be run out of power shortly. However it's powered by one high quality 16340 battery for 4 hours continuous use.

Dimensions: 125mm * 31mm
Operating Voltage:DC3V
Available color: Black
Construction: Aluminum
Lifetime: 10000 hours
Range: > 1000 meters

The rifle laser has a mount kit, you can adjust the width to meet your requirements .