Make Burning Laser

We just finished my new burning laser pointer, and I just thought I'd share the know-how on how it's done. A lot of this info was taken from KipKay's Instructable, but I added a few things in to make it easier to understand.

What You'll Need:
1. A 16x DVD Burner (Free for me, I had one lying around)
2. An AixiZ Laser Module/Housing ($8)
3. A MiniMag Flashlight (Not mandatory, but makes a great project housing)
4. A soldering iron w/ some solder
5. 2 AA batteries
6. Metal Snips
7. Exacto knife
8. Screw drivers (Find out which ones you'll need)

Step 1:
After removing all of the screws from the DVD burner, remove the cover and the DVD drawer. This will expose the laser carriage assembly:

200mW Burning laser pointer