Lens Assemblies for Thermal Imagine Cameras
Lens Assemblies for Thermal Imagine Cameras

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Lens assemblies used in the thermal imagine cameras.


The aspheric technology and Binary Surface Optical Technology is adopted in the optical system. 
Telephoto and cooled infrared lens apply twice imaging technology.        
The two focus lens and three focus lens are used, which break through the limit of the unchangeable  angle of view. 
Hundreds of types of excellent lenses is available, easily match to your thermal imagine cameras.
Special optical and mechanical design is available on the request of customers.
The requested wavelength could be in 3~5μm and 8~12μm.
Types of the lens assemblies: 
1)Lens for LWIR un-cooled detectors of:
   384 x 288 – 25um;       
   640 x 480 – 17um; 
   320 x 240 – 25um;
   320 x 240 –17um;
   160 x 120 – 25um

2) Lens for MWIR cooled detector (3-5um) of:
    320 x 256 - 30um;
    640 x 512 - 15um;
3) Lens for LWIR un-cooled detector of
    640x480-25um ;
4)IR Lens matching to FLIR or Fluke thermography cameras
Contact us for more Specifications of these lens assemblies. 

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