Learn About DPSS

Wavelength (nm) : 532 
Output Power (mW)  : >1000 
Input Voltage (V)   : AC 90~260 
Operating Mode   : CW 
Cooling Mode   : TEC & Air 
Transverse Mode   : TEM00 
Beam Diameter at the Aperture (mm)  :  ~2.5 
Divergence , Full angle (mrad)   : ≤2.0 
Power Stability (RMS/4 hrs)   : <5% 
Operating Temperature (℃)   : 10~35 
Modulation Mode   :    (TTL / Analog) Optional    ( up to 30kHz)     
Laser Head Dimensions  ( L x W x H, mm )  :  150 x 75 x 50 
Power Supply Model   : FDA-100B / OEM-100B 
Expected Lifetime (hours)  :  10000 

Continuous-wave Operation: operation mode of a laser with continuous light emission. Continuous-wave (cw) operation of a laser means that the laser is continuously pumped and continuously emits light. The emission can occur in a single resonator mode (single-frequency operation) or on multiple modes.

A transverse mode of a laser beam is a particular electromagnetic field pattern of radiation measured in a plane perpendicular to the propagation direction of the beam. Transverse Mode has: tem00, near tem00