laserpointer 10mw

laserpointer 10mw is one type of low power green laser pointers, but itís higher than 5mw, so itís also harmful to human eyes. Usually laserpointer <5mw is legal in USA ,Canada and most of other countries, but laserpointer 10mw is illegal in USA. Laserpointer 10mw has a power range 8mw~15mw. BeamQ lasers sells most of the high power laser pointer, but we donít sell laserpointer 10mw, you may find best laserpointer 10mw here :

They distribute laserpointer 10mw by wholesale.† The price of laserpointer 10mw is quite cheap and their service is best.

The only laserpointer 10mw selling on BeamQ is : 10mw Blue Violet Laser Pointers
Itís blue violet laser pointer, which have a wavelength of 405nm. 473nm laser is blue laser , while 405nm laser is violet laser:
We like to call them blue violet , instead of violet laser.

laserpointer 10mw can be used as pointing powerpoint and astronomy star pointers. The laser dot of laserpointer 10mw is brighter than laserpointer 5mw. Some laserpointer 10mw can be made to be promotional products that means you can make your personal or company logos on the body of laserpointer 10mw , then give them to your customers as a gift.