Laser Weapon 300mW Green laser Dazzler
Laser Weapon 300mW Green laser Dazzler

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Intelligent Focusable Mechanism
Weapon mountable for versatility
Non-lethal crowd control and  tactical area denial
One Year's Guarantee!

Name: 532nm Green Laser Dazzler 300-350mw 
Wavelength: 532nm (GREEN)
Output power: 300-250mW
Dimensions: 36mm x 228mm
Transverse Mode: TEM00
Operating Mode: CW
Beam Diameter: 1.2 mm- 12 cm; Adjustable
Beam Divergence: 1.2 - 12 mrad; Adjustable
Switch Type: On/off switch
Duty Cycle: Constantly on
Power Source: Free 1 x 18650 Lion rechargeable battery and free Charger
Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃
Expected Diode Lifetime: >8000 hours
Warranty Period: One YEAR
All-in-one Kit: Portable Laser; 18650 Lithium Battery and Free Charger; two keys for locking/unlocking; One remote interlock key

Designed with a tempered black pure hard aluminum casing, the BeamQ 300mw green laser dazzler can withstand extreme laser functionalities, may it be in the battle field or inside a laboratory. extremely effective, non-lethal, waterproof high powered green laser built specifically for rugged, harsh environments. This laser is classified as TALI™ (Threat Assessment Laser Illuminator).

BeamQ 300mw green laser dazzlers are equipped with the best ir filter, the best diode(2.5w N-light, C-mount), heat sink, and two combined crystals, which guaranteed the high stability power. The intelligent focusable mechanism and it means you can pull the focus of the laser beam nearer or to the infinite.

Commonly used in combat operations, laser dazzlers have become the new threat deterrent alternative to lethal force. By employing laser light to temporarily blind the opposition, laser dazzlers are a unique and portable device that confuses and intimidates potential threats by sending a brilliant burst of laser light energy into the path of suspecting individuals. Typically a laser dazzler operates at the 532nm wavelength (green spectrum) and has an output rating between 50mW and 400mW.

These devices can be hand held or weapon mountable for versatility, convenience and ease of use. Some laser dazzlers have adjustable focus and can essentially flood a target with blinding light. Using a broader beam allows a larger swath path and less precision is needed to effectively produce a tactical advantage. Tighter beams allow longer range and increases maximum effectiveness at longer distances. Laser Dazzlers, dazzle the enemy with blinding light which disorientates and confuses combatants.

As a non-lethal device, laser dazzlers cut down on collateral damage, giving fighting forces an alternative to lethal force. Soldiers assigned to check points and road blocks use laser dazzlers to halt incoming vehicles, increasing security to the region. Civilian uses, include self defense applications and counter measures that pose a threat in high risk areas. Recently, government's have deployed large scale laser dazzlers as an effective means to thwart suicide planes and aircraft from violating no fly zones and protected aerospace.

Laser dazzlers started out somewhat simply as a form of non-lethal crowd control and tactical area denial. The idea was to scan a laser quickly over a crowd, using a low-powered beam to "dazzle" the people into temporary blindness. Unlike other types of laser weapons, the beam would not be tightly focused, in order to hit as large an area as practical, but would still have enough energy density to burn enough of the retina to cause vision loss.

Using the blinder gun rifle-like to target each human target's eyes was considered impractical, both for crowd-control and battlefield use. What was needed was to play the beam quickly over a wide enough area to hit many potential targets near-simultaneously. This was solved through several methods. One was to use a focusing prism that rapidly moved or rotated on the end of the beam projector. Another was to use a large concave mirror, onto which the focused laser beam was quickly played across and reflected at the targets. Both methods allowed the weapon to cover a wide cone-like area in a fraction of a second, potentially blinding dozens of victims with every pull of the trigger.

Laser dazzlers also had another insidious innovation; by operating in the near-infrared spectrum, which the eye is transparent to but which does not register as light, dazzler weapons can do their damage without invoking the blink-reaction that normally protects the eye.

Dazzlers also have the added advantage of being able to blind enemy visual sensors, including those on fighting vehicles, artillery, and missile emplacements. The US military has two prototype anti-sensor laser blinders in development, the Dazer and the Cobra. Both are static lasers meant primarily to detect and neutralize enemy optical and electro-optical sensors for various weapons systems. As such they are designed for pinpoint fire mode as opposed to the scanning fire mode used for "crowd control" laser blinders.