Laser Wavelength Meter
Laser Wavelength Meter

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Spectral range : 2 to 11 μm
Measurement type : CW and Pulsed operationfrom 1 Hz and above
Absolute accuracy : 200 MHz or better
Measurement resolution : 100 MHz or better
Data Acquisition speed : > 100 Hz
Input energy (Minimum or better) : 1 mW (for CW)20 μJ (for pulsed)
Coupling : Fiber (vendor should provide one set of fibers &Collimator to cover the entire wavelength Range)
Calibration Source : System should have built in Calibration source
Interface : High speed USB 2.0 connection
Power Supply : 220V AC, 50HzData 
Acquisition systemPortable Data Acquisition system along with preloaded system software and fully compatible to wavelength meter with following specs:
Processing speed equivalent to : 3rd GEN i5 or better
Display : 15” or more
Memory : at least 4GB
Hard Drive : at least 500GB

The item should be supplied with all necessary accessories like USB cable, collimator, suitable fiber and software CD etc.

Important Points:

1. Test Certificates/Reports should be attached giving all relevant parameters. Test Report forCalibration required.
2. The system should be compatible with Lab View software and drivers & command set for thesame shouldbe provided with the product. The integration of the total system will be theresponsibility of the vendor.

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