Laser Tube 50W

50W Laser Power Main Features:

1.The Power (MYJG-50W) with zero current soft-switching half-bridge circuit, the power supply with high efficiency, fast response characteristics, it is easy to fit a variety of manufacturers of laser tube. 
2.port control is simple to adapt to the high-low two signals, to control the use of TTL level laser start, stop, and add an exception to protect the switch to detect whether an external water, ventilation, etc. 
3.Laser power adjustment either 0 to 5V input analog signal can also be input PWM signal to control the size of the laser power. 
4.Power supply has open circuit protection: In case of good protective earthing, power can work in a short open state, so to avoid damage due to burst laser tube laser power. 
5.Factory aging test: Each power supply will have been under full load high temperature of 60 degrees 12 hours aging test, 7 seconds to open the power to stop the test 500 times.

4W Fiber Laser Diodes

The advantages of fiber laser diode:
1.Long lifetime 
2.High power 
3.High coupling efficiency 
4.Parallel seam sealing 
5. Low cost per Watt 

Application Examples:
1.Direct diode laser 
4.Graphic printing 
5.Medical and dental
6.Micro-plastic welding 

Safety and Operating Considerations:
1.The laser light emitted from this diode laser is harmful to the human eye and skin.
  Avoid looking directly into the diode laser or into the collimated.
2.Using constant current power to avoid surges when in operation.
3.Operating the diode laser outside of its maximum ratings may cause device failure 
  or a safety hazard.
4.Good heat dissipation need to ensure in the operation.
5.Clean fiber before using.
6.Fiber can not have a large bending angle, 
  bending diameter must be 300 times greater than the fiber diameter.