Laser Torch

The laser torch (laser flashlight) has a laser beam out from it, instead of the common light beam. Usually the flashlight torch will produce a white light beam, and the beam can't go far away. The laser torch can be green, red, blue, violet, yellow and other colors, and the laser beam can go as far as 10000 meters. Because the laser torch is bright and powerful. It's dangerous and harmful to humen eyes or skins. The laser torch is measure by output power. Basically the 5mW laser torch is safe, while the higher power is forbidden is many countries.

Most of the laser torches only have a narrow light beam, some of them have a much wider light beam.

The following blue laser torch is the most powerful and bright torch in the world. The torch light is so bright that you can see the beam at daytime.

The green laser torch is also bright and they're used in outdoors activities.

Red laser torch is not very bright, and the red color is very beautiful.

All these laser torches are powered by batteries. Because of the high output power, the batteries may be used out quickly.