Laser Related

There are kinds of new products in laser industry. These new developed lasers improving our science, life, education and so on.

Optical Fiber Measurement

The SmartOTDR from Viavi Solutions Inc. of California is a handheld measurement device for fiber optic networks. 

The SmartOTDR combines optical time-domain reflectometer measurements, connector surface analyses, attenuation measurement and visual fault locators into one unit. Cloud-based connection functions enable storage and management of measurements. 

A light, ultracompact design is featured along with an extended battery life of up to 20 hours for field applications. The device is available in 1310-, 1550- or 1625-nm versions. 

1-kW Fiber Laser

The alta 1-kW fiber laser from nLight Corp. incorporates fail-safe back-reflection isolation technology for full-power processing of highly reflective materials. 

The company's rack-mounted fiber lasers are available in powers from 500 W to 1 kW, and offer fast repetition rates, short rise and fall times, and high beam quality, aiding a range of cutting and welding applications.

DFB laser:

The Applied Optoelectronics DFB laser is designed for use in high-precision and low-concentration measurements of methane gas in the atmosphere. Such measurements are increasingly important in the oil and gas industries, coal mining safety, chemical manufacturing, and for greenhouse gas and pipeline monitoring.

Laser modules:

ProPhotonix releases the 3D Pro  green  laser modules.  It provides compact solutions for Machine Vision systems

New Laser Diodes:

2.1μm-3μm Mid-infrared Laser Diodes 2000nm-3000nm:

NIST Therapy for Ultraviolet Laser Beams: Hydrogen-treated Fibers: Micrograph of an optical fiber that has been infused with hydrogen and cured with ultraviolet light (here shown transmitting violet laser light.) Fibers treated this way can transmit stable, high-power ultraviolet laser light for long periods of time, resisting the damage usually caused by UV light. The diameter of the pattern of air holes surrounding the core is 62.5 micrometers.

The BMW i8 employ laser light technology for its headlamps. These new laser headlights have been developed by Osram. 

LPKF ProtoLaser LDI universal, high-resolution, table top laser direct imaging (LDI) system for prototyping on resist-covered substrates provides a software-selectable 1 or 3µm laser beam spot and a working area of nearly 4 x 4 inches. System is optimized for creating the ultrafine features required by the microfluidic and MEMS industry. The compact software combines functionality with powerful, yet user-friendly software. The UV based laser system activates UV resist-covered substrates – directly from CAD. Product eliminates the need for alignment equipment and expensive exposure masks with long lead-times. The process can be utilized on a wide variety of substrates without any special environmental conditions.

Mouser Pulsed laser diode can be used to measure distance in many applications Semiconductors SPLPL90-3

Available now from Mouser stock, Osram Opto Semiconductors’ SPLPL90-3 Nanostack pulsed laser diode is operated by directly applying the forward current pulses to the anode and cathode pins.

The device is suitable for a wide range of applications including hand-held laser range finders for golfers, hunters and civil engineers). Automotive applications include adaptive cruise control (ACC), pre-crash detection, collision avoidance and adaptive rear lighting. Traffic surveillance usages span laser speed guns, traffic recording and vehicle classification to distance measurement and fog detection. Other areas include professional laser sensors for distance measuring, positioning and protection applications.