laser pointer that burns

laser pointer that burns

The laser pointer that burns is high power laser pointer. It burns papers,plastics,wood,and many other materials.The laser pointer that burns is effected by:

1)Output power, a lower powered laser pointer can't burn anything. The laser pointer that burns is high power, such as 100mW, even 2000mW. High pwered laser pointer will emit stronger laser beam and make the laser pointer burns. The higher the power is, the more things the laser pointer can burn.

2)Wavelength or Color, different wavelength lasers have different colors, 532nm green, 650nm red, 473nm blue,405nm violet, 808nm infrared, 1064nm invisible,980nm invisible too. Different color make the laser pointer burn different color materials. Because the material will reflect the laser the with same color .

3)Adjustable, it make the laser pointer even stronger, as we know that the laser will become more powerful while the focus is adjusted to the smallest.

The laser pointer that burns is dangerous to use it. You need to pay more attention to the safety while using a laser pointer that burns. All the laser pointers that burns sold should be classified in accordance with the current laws on laser safety