laser pointer components

laser pointer components are laser pointer modules, laser pointer diode, laser pointer drivers , body, circuit board, collimating optics, laser diode assembly and other laser pointer components. laser pointer components are needed by manufacturers for making laser pointer, or laser enthusiast for DIY laser projects. The most important laser pointer component is laser diode, itís the most expensive part in a laser pointer, it may cost 90% of a laser pointer.† Here are some laser diode:

They have 50mW-200mW 405nm laser diode, and 660nm Laser Diode. The laser diode, added driver and other laser pointer components, will become laser modules:

There are red laser modules, green laser modules, violet laser modules and blue laser modules. They can be visible laser or invisible laser. If you need laser pointer components for DIY laser projects, you can get some used laser pointer components at :
Lots of laser guys sell their laser pointer components here. Laser body is a cheap laser pointer components, but is important for laser pointer or other portable laser tools. It holds laser module to make it easy for use. BeamQ Laser donít sell laser pointer components. We only sell laser pointer and laser accessories.