laser pointer $100 100mw

Laser Pointer $100 100mw

Do you want to get a 100mw laser pointer with only $100 budget? If you want a red laser pointer, you can choose BeamQ 100mw burning red laser pointer water-proof, it costs less than $100. If you want a green laser pointer, then purchase BeamQ 100mw Cheap Laser Pointers, which costs $99, or BeamQ 100mw Pen Style with Interchangeable Heads, itís also 100mw laser pointer, with kaleidoscope laser heads. You canít buy a 100mw violet laser pointer with $100 limited. If you want to get 808nm Infrared Laser Pointer, $100 is enough to get 2PCS 808nm laser pointers, as BeamQ High Power 400mW 808nm Infrared Laser Pointer only costs $98.

BeamQ 100mw green laser pointer:

100mw red laser pointer: